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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 1, 2016 12:37am-1:36am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- kathy bates. musician and author, laura jane grace. music from against me! atom willard. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers ] that's fantastic. in that case, let's get to the news. after reports surfaced that donald trump's transition team is in disarray, trump tweeted last night saying that he is the
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but only you can pick the winners. text your vote in now, and tune at 8:00/7:00 central. who knows? the next secretary of state could be you. [ laughter ] one of donald trump's potential attorney generals is reportedly already working on a plan to make muslims register with the government. does anyone see a problem with that? or do you nazi? [ cheers and applause ] vice president joe biden and vice president-elect mike pence had lunch together this afternoon, and just to piss him off, biden told the waiter it was their anniversary. [ laughter and applause ] according to a new poll, almost 60% of americans believe donald trump should compromise with democrats. like, instead of a wall at the mexican border, maybe a beaded curtain? [ laughter ]
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a female astronaut is about to become the oldest woman to fly into space, and this is pretty amazing. she is going to do it without a rocket ship. [ light laughter ] just take off with rage. the mayor of london said recently that if people based in the u.s. want to escape donald trump's administration, quote, "london is open." said melania, "taxi!" [ light laughter ] actress carrie fisher revealed harrison ford had an affair while filming the original "star wars." but then he went back to using his hand solo. [ audience ohs ] [ applause ] denver has become the first city in the u.s. to permit the use of marijuana in restaurants. so if you thought it was hard to remember the specials now --
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and like something that's almond crusted." [ light laughter ] and finally, according to a new study on migrating tree frogs -- wait i'm sorry. i could be wrong here but i think i smell some smoke and that can mean only one thing. it's time for "ya burnt!" [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: welcome to the burn zone. we've got a lot of topics to sizzle through but not a lot of time. over here is the burner. woo! watusi! first up, family touch football. family touch football. you know what's fun? a contact sport featuring people of different ages and skill levels. here's a final score prediction. six torn hamstrings, three broken relationships and one decades-old family secret that wasn't meant to be screamed. "you're out of bounds." "you were adopted." [ gasp ] [ laughter ] also cousin tyler is six and he
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"mississippi" so many times. the kid's a [ bleep ] sprinkler. side burn tyler. >> announcer: side burn. >> seth: hey, family touch football. blue 42. ya burnt! [ applause ] caramel apples. the perfect candy if you want to spend 10 minutes eating dessert and the rest of your life picking your teeth. but you know what they say, "a caramel apple a day keeps the dentist's kids in private school." [ light laughter ] and just because you put something on a stick doesn't make it fun. don't believe me? ask joan of arc. >> announcer: she burnt. [ audience o >> seth: caramel apples, you're sticky, you're icky, and ya burnt. [ applause ] christmas music. november is only half over. can we slow down? nat king cole you have the voice of an angel but i don't want to hear a peep out of you until december 18th. >> announcer: your chestnuts just got roasted. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, christmas music, i know you're trying to be joyful, but it comes off a little sarcastic when you hear "it's the most wonderful time of the year" while you drag your screaming toddler through a target.
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christmas music, suck my bells, ya burnt. [ applause ] pardoning turkeys. good news, we're going to save one of you. bad news, the other 50 million members of your species can go straight to hell, i.e. my belly. what happens to the pardoned turkey the next day? you send him off to a nice farm somewhere, where the survivor's guilt just gobbles away at him? you know who i bet doesn't love the tradition of pardoning turkeys? innocent people on death row. oh, it's just another [ bleep ] turkey." [ light laughter ] pardoning turkeys, pardon me, but ya burnt. [ applause ] ah, your parents' house. you just finished thanksgiving dinner and now it's dawning on you -- it's not even friday and you're stuck here for three more days. "how will we pass the time? i guess i'll wrap myself in the world's itchiest throw blanket and watch mississippi versus mississippi state." oh, and you can change the channel if you can figure out which of the 8 different remote
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and dad, you turned my bedroom into an office nine years ago. i can't help but notice you haven't started a company yet. all i see is a dusty old compaq presario. >> announcer: it has intel inside. >> seth: yeah, you told me. of course, if you really need to get out of the house you can always head to your favorite hometown bar. aka the goatee museum. "hey great baseball caps, fellas. i'm sure none of you are balding." your parents' house, just like that smell coming from the garage, ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] thanksgiving table manners. "hey aunt judy, could you close your mouth for me? they're already mashed potatoes. you don't have to chew them another 50 times. also, you just got here and your blouse already has gravy on it. did you stop at popeye's on the way over to thanksgiving dinner?" thanksgiving table manners ya burnt. [ applause ] uninvited plus ones. why are you here? we're gonna argue enough about politics without the jill stein voter cousin amanda met at
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date from last year, the parolee who carved the turkey and said, "this is bringing back memories." [ light laughter ] uninvited plus ones, ya burnt. the rolls! oh, no! oh, no, the rolls, oh, no! oh, no, i forgot about the rolls. oh, no! rolls, ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] this has been, ya burnt. we'll be right back. oh no, we won't be right back. we've got a great show should have explained it to me. we have a fantastic guest, from "bad santa 2" kathy bates is here tonight. the fantastic kathy bates. [ cheers and applause ] she is the founder of punk band against me!, and her new memoir "tranny," an incredible read. laura jane grace is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and then, i'm very excited about this, laura and against me! are going to perform the track "333" from their latest album "shape shift with me." we'll be right back with
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g
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we have -- our drummer tonight's pulling double duty. he is one of my favorite bands that's here tonight, against me!. atom willard is our guest drummer. give it up for atom. [ cheers and applause ] and you're gonna see atom both behind the 8g drum kit and then later playing with the band. so we're very excited about this. also, for fans of the 8g band, you might have noticed recently that our fantastic guitarist marnie stern has not been around. that is because she has been out doing something even more important, which is having a baby. which she just did yesterday, so give it up, everybody, for and her beautiful baby wyatt stern-johnson. and i'm very -- so happy. i don't know if you can tell, she's representing "late night" with her "late night" t-shirt there. and -- because that is in everyone's contract. [ laughter ] you guys, our first guest tonight is an academy award-winning and emmy-winning actress you know from films such as "misery," "primary colors," and "about schmidt." you can see her in the latest season of the fx series "american horror story," and her
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theaters november 23rd. let's take a look. >> you see that? huh? ah, we still got it, kid. >> yeah, i guess so. >> it was always supposed to be this way, william. you, me. or i [ bleep ] it all up. but even when i was in the joint, i thought of it. and i always had a drink on your birthday. january third. seventh. >> august fourth. >> and august. yeah. >> well, [ bleep ] a duck. anyway. >> seth: please welcome to the show, kathy bates, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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>> seth: welcome! >> how great to be here. >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> i watch your show all the time. >> seth: well, thank you very much. i'm a huge fan of yours, and this is very exciting for me because i'm a huge fan of the first "bad santa" film. i'm thinking "how can they outdo themselves the first time," and then they add kathy bates to the cast and that really is the answer right there. >> thank you. >> seth: and you play willie's mother. >> i do, sunny soke. and it's sort of the like the moment when sigourney weaver sees the mother alien. >> seth: uh-huh, yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: not a great mother. mouthed. she's very un-pc, she's an old biker chick. >> seth: yeah, i mean i think we had to bleep you three times in the clip. >> i know. no, i was thinking, i was backstage saying, "oh, gee, can i say that now on tv?" [ laughter ] i was like, "nah, i don't think so." >> seth: but it's kind of nice because we actually sort of see where billy's character became billy's character because you see a mother like this. >> yes. >> seth: and in the scene we saw, that's you guys sort of getting drunk in a van together. that must have been a fun scene to shoot.
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the pink dildo, which was a lot of fun, and you know. [ laughter ] you know -- it kind of takes poking fun to the nth degree, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> but we bonded, kind of, as a mother and a son, which we hadn't up to earlier in the movie. >> seth: and now i think the nice thing, too, is now whenever i see a pink dildo, i'll think of christmas. [ laughter ] >> honey, if you're lucky, you might get one in your stocking. >> seth: thank you. [ applause ] >> seth: mom, why is my stocking moving? [ laughter ] >> do you know that happened to me once? >> seth: what happened? >> oh, you want -- this is not the list of what we were supposed to talk about. >> seth: oh well -- please let's get off the list. this seems like a better list. >> so this was many years ago when i was dating kind of a rough guy. and so we were on our way to chicago and there's one of those stores where you can get the -- you know, the stuff. >> seth: yeah. >> and so we went to the hotel and i had it in my pocketbook and it went off.
12:53 am
and there were like three or four of us and it was going -- [ buzzing ] [ laughter ] and it was new, so i didn't know how to turn it off. >> seth: right, yeah. >> yeah, that was something. [ laughter ] didn't think you were going to hear that today, did you? >> seth: no i -- this is so much better. i'm wondering, like, if that happened, if i'm in the elevator, is my first thought, "oh, no, there's technical difficulties on the elevator." >> no, it was a dildo gone awry. it really was. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: nobody panic, it was just a dildo. >> it was one of them rabbits, you know, with the really long -- yeah. >> seth: i love that i'm like, "absolutely, yeah, yep, i know exactly what you're talking about." [ laughter ] i got a punch card, if i buy one more, the next one's free. [ laughter ] >> yeah, you do. >> seth: that's great. so -- >> now you can't remember what you were going to ask me. >> seth: well i was going to ask, did you -- were you a fan of the first "bad santa"? >> oh absolutely, i loved it. you know, it's one of those movies where, you know, you come in in the middle and you think, "i got in.
12:54 am
throws that kid out of the --" you know. or we might just want to see john ritter go -- like that. you know, i just loved it so much that when they asked me to do it, i said, "where do i sign up?" >> seth: and it's really -- you know, billy bob was here last night and it's become like an actual holiday classic that people, i feel like, you know, watch with children that probably shouldn't be watching it. >> oh i hope not. >> seth: oh, no, i think a lot of kids accidentally see that movie way too young. >> oh, you do? >> seth: i do, but i think that's okay because we live in a world now where the faster you learn [ bleep ], the better. [ laughter ] no need to -- no need to be lo also, congratulations. this is -- is this your fourth season on "american horror story"? >> yeah. >> seth: this must be such a great -- [ cheers and applause ] >> it's been great. >> seth: and again -- it seems like when you work with great actors or a great show creator like that has, it must always be exciting, but for you guys, the fact that you change every year. as an actor it must be great to just have a completely different role. >> it's great, it's great. i remember when we were doing "hotel" and stefani -- i call
12:55 am
her and then there was this dude with blue glasses on sniffing me and i thought, "who is that?" then i went, "oh, that's finn. that's finn wittrock." because you don't see people getting ready for the show so -- >> seth: that must be really cool. >> it's a blast, you know. and each season is so different. >> seth: and here is your look this year, which is just fantastic. >> yeah! [ audience oohs ] >> seth: that's full -- full -- really creepy. >> yeah, "the butcher." >> seth: "the butcher." and you have like a -- when you create an accent like you have this year, because it's a ve memorable accent, is that something you have to work a long time on or do you just kind of stumble upon and go, "no, this is her." >> no, no, no, i worked with liz himselstein, who is a brilliant dialect coach. >> seth: oh, wow. >> yeah, we studied the guy on "the witch," the movie "the witch." we loved the guy that was the father so there's a yorkshire dialect so we worked really hard on that. >> seth: that's great. that's nice. [ in yorkshire accent ] >> seth meyers, you must come and smell the blood. >> seth: yeah. >> and consecrate the land. >> seth: yeah, no, that's very unsettling. [ laughter ]
12:56 am
christmas. [ laughter ] >> okay. if you're a really good boy i'll give you a pink dildo for christmas. [ laughter and applause ] crazy, crazy, crazy. >> seth: now, i feel a lot of us were first introduced to you in the film "misery," which was again, a fantastic film. [ cheers and applause ] you were terrifying in that role. >> thank you, thank you. >> seth: and i have heard tell that men will stl, ankles -- when sometimes guys will grab their ankles when they see you. >> yeah. >> seth: and you have something to say to them, yeah? >> yeah, it's really boring. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm over it. >> seth: you're over it. >> i'm glad you're sitting back behind that desk though, aren't you? >> seth: yeah, i am. [ laughter ] i do feel a little tingle -- >> oh, you do? >> seth: and so that -- but that's the movie -- like after that movie, that was when people knew who kathy bates was. >> they did. they did. that was very lucky. >> seth: and when -- did you know right away? because you -- so you have an oscar --
12:57 am
okay, i have to tell you this story. so the very next day, i got a call, i was supposed to do a little part in a film in chicago and at first i was like, "ah!" then i see my oscar and i think, "eh, did i really want to go do that little part in chicago?" >> seth: right. >> and i kind of thought, "okay, come on you have to." they call me and they say, "well, instead of a town car we're going to send you a limo." >> seth: oh, wow. >> "and we're going to give you an extra room at the hotel." and my husband said, "what do you need an extra room at the hotel for?" i said, "well, it's for my assistant." he said, "well you don't have an assistant." i said, "sup so, i go to chicago. it's a night shoot. alec baldwin, right? and six to six in the morning. we're walking to the set, everybody is screaming for his autograph. >> seth: sure. >> they're screaming for mine. >> seth: oh, it was the first time? >> like that. >> seth: first time they've screamed for you. >> oh, my god. everybody. and i ran across. we all did autographs and stuff so i was like, kind of -- you know. and then i go back to my trailer. i had my little dog with me. it was about 2:00, and i had to take him out to do his business, and so i opened the door and i
12:58 am
you can't go alone, you have to have a bodyguard with you." >> seth: wow. >> and i was like, "shut the front door." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> okay? only three more and i'll be like madonna. so i went with my little dog, and i had forgot to take something to clean up after him. and my mind was racing and i thought, "this bodyguard is going to call the tabloids and make a lot of money and tell them i'm a slut and i'm filthy and all of this stuff." [ laughter ] so i was desperate and i saw a piece of paper on the ground, and i picked it upd [ laughter ] >> seth: what a -- >> it did. it did. it did. it was like, you know -- it was like, god saying, "settle down." >> seth: right. >> "just settle down." and i used it. >> seth: really? you used it to pick up -- that's a good -- >> yeah, like autograph down. >> seth: yeah, that's great. >> i did, i did. >> seth: and now your dog won't go to the bathroom unless you sign a piece of paper. [ laughter ] unless you give him an autograph first. >> damn, you're good!
12:59 am
because obviously, so you're famous back then when people wanted autographs -- have you noticed now no one wants an autograph anymore? all anybody wants is a photo of you, right? >> a selfie. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and i must be -- i even think now if somebody was like, "look i got an autograph," no one would care. >> they wouldn't care, no. >> seth: they just want a picture. >> they want a picture of them with you so they know you're captured forever in that moment in time. >> seth: the bummer, and i don't know if you feel this way -- because i feel like when you sign an autograph, you can actually talk to people and ask them a question or whatnot and you can't do that when a picture is going down. like t's >> oh, i talk to people. what, you don't talk to people when they're taking a selfie? >> seth: i know, i know. [ laughter ] mostly because i don't -- here's why -- >> you don't hear them? >> no, i don't want a picture where i'm answering a question. it's like -- [ laughter ] >> oh, no. >> seth: i have to be very still. >> i just talk to them afterwards. i talk to them afterwards. >> seth: but what if there's someone else who wants to -- i feel like, i don't know. >> what? >> seth: if you take one picture then somebody else wants one. i -- i do it, kathy! don't look at me like that. [ laughter ] >> well, you're a lot more famous than i am. you're a lot -- and they're waiting for you outside, you know that after the show they're going to be there. >> seth: look, let me tell you
1:00 am
of my autographs to pick up. [ laughter ] so, this is very exciting. you got a hollywood -- a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i did, yeah. >> seth: congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: but you -- you have actually been -- you've been outside mann's chinese theater as a kid. >> yeah. >> seth: very close to where the star ended up. is this true? >> yes, that's true. i was with my beloved aunt lee. i'd go to visit her in l.a. and it's -- i have a photo from right in front of grauman's. >> seth: that's fantastic. look at you guys. [ audience aws ] >> i know. >> seth: so where were you -- >> my star is like 20 yards that way. >> seth: that's great. >> right in front of the souvenir store. >> seth: really? >> yeah, next to patti mcdaniel. isn't that cool? >> seth: that's a good one to be next to. here you are the day it happened and there --billy bob is there with you. >> yeah, billy bob and my friend shirley. >> seth: that's great. >> isn't that nice? it was a great day. >> seth: did you have other people come?
1:01 am
back in 1965. >> seth: wow. >> they came out. >> seth: where were they -- where was that? >> well, we went to spago's, we went to the beverly hills hotel. >> seth: so you did it up? you did a full hollywood -- >> yeah, but mainly we sat, you know, on the terrace at my house and just got drunk. >> seth: oh, that's good. [ laughter ] >> yeah. and we reminisced about all the times we got drunk back then. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's funny how drinking makes you want to talk about the times you were drinking. >> i know. >> seth: wait, what time in the day did you do it? is it like early -- >> drinking or -- [ laughter ] >> seth: no, well, yeah -- what time is okay? i'm ha a when is it cool? >> well okay, what we say at my house is the sun is always below the yard arm somewhere in the world. >> seth: oh, well that's good. i will use that and my wife will immediately say, "where did you get that from? that does not sound like you." >> okay. when did what? >> seth: so what time of the day did they actually do the ceremony where they put down the star? >> oh, it was in the afternoon, yeah. >> seth: okay, good. >> it was around 12 or something. >> seth: that's really great, and you look fantastic. >> oh, well thanks. thanks. >> seth: that's a great photo, well done. >> thanks. >> seth: yeah, congratulations. >> i appreciate it. [ applause ] >> seth: this is very exciting,
1:02 am
>> oh god, i got to tell you, so chuck lorre and davide javerbaum. >> seth: who's -- both fantastic. >> they're creating -- it's this sitcom called "disjointed." >> seth: that's great. >> and it's about a woman who's been a cannabis lawyer and a cannabis activist ever since she was 16 and she's got one of those pharmacies, those, you know, things, dispensaries in a strip mall. and i have these amazing kids in their 20s that you have never heard of, that you are never going to forget after you see this show. they're amazing. we had our first night. jimmy burrows directed a legend. >> yeah, we had our -- oh my god. we had our first audience and it's been so long since i've been in front of a live audience. >> seth: when was the last time you did stand up? >> oh god, i can't even remember, it was probably before you were born. >> seth: okay, gotcha, great. [ laughter ] >> and it was just great. it was so great. i just felt like i'd come home. you know? i feel so lucky! >> seth: that's fantastic. and when will we be seeing it? >> it's on netflix in july. >> seth: oh, that's great. i can't wait. and it's such an honor to have you here. >> aw, thank you. >> seth: i've been a fan for a really long time and i really -- >> thank you. >> seth: -- appreciate you taking the time to do this.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. we have more guests to get to. but first i actually have to do a very quick live ad for one of our sponsors. we good? okay great. oh no, i just realized i forgot to get auto insurance on my 1995 chevy lumina. i don't know what to do. >> yeehaw! >> seth: that can only be one person. it's the sheriff. the spokesperson for sheriff auto insurance. >> howdy, partner. what's all this hullabaloo about, seth? >> seth: oh, sheriff, i need car insurance, and fast. >> well, if you need car
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>> don't be bashful, playboy, come on. you must have to beat them off with a stick. >> seth: i'm sorry, sheriff, but i'm a married man with a kid. >> oh, yeah i s married once. didn't work out too well. >> seth: okay. >> yeah, it was no good in the marriage department, if you catch my drift. >> seth: yeah i think we do. >> do you? [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, we do. >> i had sex with a woman who was not my wife. >> seth: okay, you know what? [ laughter ] live ad is done now. we've done what we're contracted to do. i think maybe it's time for us to move on with the show. >> oh no, seth. i'm sorry, man. i don't know where my head was at. >> seth: no, it's okay. >> hey, remember the jingle? for an awesome low rate you can get online, come to the sheriff and same some dimes. >> seth: okay, thank you, sheriff. all right. so moving on with the show. there's this brand new thing where -- >> hey seth, what are you doing this weekend. >> seth: i don't know. i was just going to hang around the house. >> why don't you come up to my lake house? >> seth: yeah, no, i told you i
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>> ditch 'em, bro. we can go out on my pontoon boat. >> seth: yeah, no i really -- i can't. >> hey, to sweeten the deal, i know some chicks that would love to get down and dirty for a celebrity like you if you know what i mean, seth. >> seth: yeah, i do. >> do you? >> seth: yes. [ laughter ] yeah, we all know. please don't explain it. >> they want to have sex with you because you're on tv. >> seth: that's enough, sheriff. >> come on, seth. cheat on your wife. be somebody. >> seth: just calm down with the sex stuff. >> oh, i see, seth. maybe you want to have sex with my horse. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's disgusting. >> what do you think, seth? you like what you see? >> seth: all right, that's it. sheriff, you and your gross horse, get out of here. >> for an awesome low rate you can get online, anonymous sex is divine.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is the lead singer of tonight's fantastic punk band, against me! her new memoir "tranny: confessions of punk rock's most infamous anarchist sellout" is in stores now. please welcome back to the show laura jane grace, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: as you know, i'm a huge fan. and thank you for doing double duty and both talking to me and then playing with the band later. >> i appreciate it, yeah. >> seth: so this book is fantastic. it's -- because you used tons of your old journals. >> i did. >> seth: you've been someone who has saved journals your whole life. when was your first journal entry? >> when i was 8 years old. i -- my father was in the army and was stationed in italy, and
1:17 am
gave me the assignment of keeping a journal. so i did and it was a pretty impressionable trip and i got a really good grade on the journal that i kept. and i just kept keeping journals from there. >> seth: it's impressive because that was a thing -- there were so many points in my life where i said, "i'm going to start keeping a journal." and when i look back, all those journals have one and a half entries and then just tons of blank pages. and so -- but there's really no real major gap in your life when you weren't doing this. >> no, i mean i definitely lost a couple journals along the way when i was younger. 16 until now, you know, like, i have all those journals just in boxes sitting around that i've had to haul around with me everywhere i've moved. >> seth: as you -- so was this nice, like, getting your journals on paper in a book that now people can own? now are you getting rid of those journals, or are you still saving them all? >> i plan on burning them. >> seth: okay, yeah. >> a nice big bonfire. >> seth: a nice big bonfire. so this book both charts your career as a musician, but also about being a transgender woman
1:18 am
what was very fascinating to me -- and i think a lot of people might not fully understand this, which is why the journals you have are so great -- is this is something that you are identifying as at a very young age. >> right. well, i mean, you know, at a young age i didn't have the words for it. >> seth: right. >> i didn't probably hear the word "transgender" until i was like, i don't know, 19 or 20 or something like that. so it's really like -- it took me a long time to come to understanding, you know, things about myself. >> seth: and going back, was it -- did you find it helpful, realized, "oh this is something. this is a journey i have been taking for a really long time." >> i mean, you can't help but see it all just laid out there for you. you know, 'cause it's plain to see. and you see the cycles you were locked in. you see the coping mechanisms you used. and you can't deny it, just 'cause it's all there on paper. >> seth: now obviously you live in this punk community. and you write that like, there was sort of a great awareness of queer culture but not really of the transgender --
1:19 am
your band and because of your story that's changing a little bit? >> well, not just because of myself but because of so many other people doing that work to raise awareness. but it really is a problem of a lack of education. i mean if you think back to school and what sex ed was and how much of a joke that class was. there was no genders studies class or anything like that, and people have a hard time still understanding the difference between sexual identity and gender identity. >> seth: yeah, sex ed was a huge waste of time. >> yeah, pretty much. [ light laughter ] >> seth: r us how to put a condom on, on like a wooden dowel that was like 18 inches, and i just remember everybody thinking, "oh no. is that what normal is? because we all have a huge problem." [ laughter ] you also, as i mentioned, you write about this very thrilling and exciting career being in a punk band. you have obviously played some very dodgy venues over the years. do you have a personal least favorite? >> you know, we have, like, played every type of venue from stadiums to -- we played a
1:20 am
>> seth: wait, when you play a subway restaurant, are the people that are going to buy subs expecting to see a punk band? [ light laughter ] >> no, but it's a nice surprise with their meal. >> seth: i do want everyone who might not be familiar with against me!'s music, when they're playing a couple minutes from now, think of yourself at a subway and hearing it and not expecting it. [ laughter ] >> smell the bread. smell the bread. >> seth: yeah. >> but you know, i think one remarkable place we played in our early days, especially touring in europe, we played a lot of squats. and i remember one tour we were touring in poland and played in an and before we went there we had been warned by a band a week before that they'd been held up by gunpoint going there. so we were a little sketched out going into it. >> seth: sure. >> and like, you know, driving up to it, it was just -- it looked like a bomb went off, and there's all these bombed out buildings and then there's the squat standing in the center of it all. and there was no electricity, the show was run by a generator. no running water or anything like that. and they're showing us around the squat, and they take us up on to the root and there's like crates of rotten eggs and crates of empty bottles, and we're like
1:21 am
once in awhile the junkies in these surrounding buildings will attack our squat. 'cause we have the nice squat so we have to defend our squat." [ laughter ] >> seth: you realize what the level is at where the nice squat has rotten eggs. >> right. but i mean those are the shows you remember. no one wants to hear about the time you played at the house of blues in south carolina. [ cheers ] >> seth: well also -- although they did. [ laughter ] we didn't hear from our polish fans earlier. gdansk must not be in the house tonight. so, but it's interesting -- sense to me -- seems to me, i should say. there's a real authenticity. punk fans want authenticity from their punk bands. and punk bands must want the authenticity of rooms that feel punk. and it seems like your career has like so many of those. >> well, it teaches you. you have to transcend the room. >> seth: right. >> it's about a connection with the audience. and some of those shows where there's the gnarliest venues, those are the best shows because kids go off. and that's what you want. >> seth: and did you -- did you
1:22 am
did your fan base change at all? did against me! shows become different kinds of shows? >> for sure. i mean, like, coming out was a real, like, line in the sand. where after that anyone who is at an agains me! show, it was safe to assume, was on the same page as me. and was accepting of that. so it really lended itself to creating a safe space. and i mean it was like, you could tell it like after the show where you'd see like venue staff in a good mood. where usually the venue staff's like, "all right, you're done, get out of here." you know? >> seth: right. >> and tre that was so much fun." >> seth: oh, that's fantastic. i want to ask about the title of the book. because obviously "tranny" is not a term that i feel is embraced by the community at all. what made you choose a term like that to be the title of your book? >> i mean, you know, i hate that word. i definitely don't identify with that word. i don't like hearing it used for other people. it's almost mentally taxing to look at my book in ways. but it captures a lot of what the book is about. and a lot of what the book is
1:23 am
had and i went through. so it's an apt title for the book. there's a certain amount of reclamation with that. there's a certain amount even with the subtitle of, you know, saying the thing about yourself that you fear the most or you hate the most before anyone else can say it. but again you know, it's -- don't judge a book by its cover. just read the book, and hopefully you'll see why it fits. >> seth: i certainly hope people do. i also want to ask, you have a seven-year-old daughter. is she seven? >> i do, yeah. >> seth: and so i'm wondering, a singer, creator of this fantastic punk band. is she a fan of your music? >> um, you know, she likes it enough but she's definitely over the show experience. >> seth: okay. >> she's not very interested. >> seth: just jaded by being backstage at a punk show. >> yeah, you know. being on a tour bus does not impress her. not at all. >> seth: i just feel so bad for the rest of her life that people will try to impress her and she'll say, "yeah, no, i have been in places where they throw eggs off buildings." [ laughter ] >> but how cool is that? >> seth: it is pretty cool that she's already over that sort of thing.
1:24 am
yeah, the first tour i did, it was with the cult." [ light laughter ] >> seth: right. so this album -- we were talking backstage. so your book coming out now. album came out two months ago. you've been touring with it. how does it feel to tour with a new album for the first time? is that an exciting thing? >> i mean, it's great. you know what i love though? is that like, i have a book out. i have a record out. and it's like i'll do these interviews, and the journalists will be like "so you got a book, you got a record, what else have you been up to?" >> seth: right? i'm working so hard. please. >> seth: i just finished a statue? i don't know what to tell you guys. i did two things. it's true. you always get "what else are you up to?" >> yeah. >> seth: i'll do interviews, and people will say, "so with the talk show, are you doing any movies?" i'm like, "no. i'm not doing any movies." also nobody wants to see me in a movie. [ light laughter ] >> i'd watch. i'd watch. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. thank you for sticking around. can't wait. it's always a pleasure to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] laura jane grace, everybody. "tranny" is in stores now. we'll be right back with a performance from her band
1:25 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: back to perform "333," give it up for against me! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? feeling like i need to fall down some stairs maybe lay face down in the river and float ? ? perfect weather for a
1:31 am
? of putting holes in your lungs ? ? 150 marilyns the war and the bomb all reasons to be fearful but every new to wake up ? ? 333 say that they knew me 333 bring it all back to me ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? ? ?
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why would i ever meet that with irony or cynicism ? ? planned views and elevations walking through your tarot garden ? ? visible mutations fading right before your eyes cycles of death and regeneration sensations of ? ? absence and loss wish you had been there by my side to see it all ? ? 333 say that they knew me 333 bring your love back to me ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all co ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? ?
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? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? i wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: against me!, everyone. the new album, "shape shift with me" is out now.
1:34 am
z26hsz z16fz
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to kathy bates, laura jane grace, against me!, everybody. atom willard, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ?
1:37 am
? >> carson: what's up guys and gals, you're watching "last call" from skylark right here in new york city.


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